Database Development and Maintenance

SWS will develop databases specifically to meet your needs.  Or we can make available the  Grantee Evaluation Management System (GEMS®). Databases designed for you can track your program activities and clients in any way you choose and are often associated with surveys and tests identified for you by SWS or developed by SWS for your use only.  Our goal is to provide to you what you need at a reasonable cost. 

  The GEMS® is a proprietary product of System Wide Solutions available through licensing agreements. The GEMS® provides real time information to track students/clients, personnel, partners, activities, objective fulfillment, testing and surveys, outcomes and similar items. It can be used to track at the national, state, grant, sub-grant and partner levels. The GEMS® reporting is real time and includes descriptive and inferential statistics.  Results of testing, surveys, site reviews and interviews are included in the overall database. The GEMS® is flexible and exports allow for modeling of program inputs that will result in maximized outcomes.  Data entry into GEMS® can be through downloads from existing systems and GEMS® is often used for direct or indirect uploads to other systems, including federal systems. The GEMS® can be used by you for program monitoring, program evaluation, continuing quality improvement, management information, student tracking, grant writing, preparation of presentation materials, public information and research.  The uses of the GEMS® is only limited by the imagination of the users. 



  • Cecil County MD Public Schools
  • Charles County MD Public Schools
  • South Carolina Department of Education
  • Laurens School District 55
  • Hampton School District One
  • Spartanburg Public Safety
  • Healing Species
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of the Upstate
  • College of Charleston
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • BraveStep, Charlotte NC
  • Richland County SC Public Defenders Office