Resources for Certified Group Leaders

As part of the Choices® curriculum, SWS provides ongoing support to Certified Group Leaders through phone and email consultation and a quarterly e-newsletter.

If you are a Certified Group Leader and you need to speak with someone regarding Choices® programming that you have implemented or are planning to implement, contact:

Sarah L. Meadows (Training Coordinator and Choices Instructor)
803.771.6663 ext 205

You may also want to check out a list of resources and links compiled especially for Certified Group Leaders.

The following is a list of archived e-newsletters: (You will need Adobe Reader to view these documents.)

Once you have become a Certified Group Leader, you can send a Press Release to your local newspaper!


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Resources available for purchase from the Courage to Change catalog: 1-800-440-4003
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 Stop, Relax and Think: A Game to Help Impulsive Children
 Don't Be Difficult: A Game to Help Children Consider Consequences
 The EQUIP Program: Teaching Youth to Act Responsibly Though Peer Helping

Youth Change Solution Center. Offers free on line consultation to youth workers