Choices® Anger Management Program®

CHOICES® is an early intervention program designed to help adolescents deal with anger before it's too late. Designed for typical 12 to 17-year-olds who are exercising poor decision-making skills, Choices® provides tools for understanding feelings and regulating responses.

In essence, Choices® shows adolescents how to take ownership for their actions. The curriculum translates complex behavioral theories into simple language that connects with kids. It also provides a safe, structured environment with a flexible group curriculum that allows certified instructors to adapt the program to their students' needs.

Reinforced by focused parent segments, Choices® is designed to be taught in 2 to 7 group sessions totaling 6-8 hours. A new evaluation indicates that youth in a comparison group were 1.6 times more likely to reoffend than youth who went through the Choices cirriculum. You can see the full report at An Initial Evaluation Of The Choices® Anger Management Program for Youth Evidence Of Impact In The 11th Judicial Circuit