George W. Appenzeller, MSW

George W. Appenzeller, MSW, practices in both the macro and micro social work fields. He co-founded SWS in 1997. He is licensed as a clinical social worker and as an advanced macro social worker (required to do independent research and evaluation as a social worker in South Carolina). He received his family therapy training at the Medical University of South Carolina, his additional child welfare training at the National Child Welfare Leadership Center of the University of North Carolina, and his initial adventure therapy training from Project Adventure. He is also licensed as an LPC and holds certification as an ACSW and CSWM, in addition to his LCSW licenses in NC and VT.

Mr. Appenzeller has directed over 350 federally funded research and evaluation projects over a 48 year career. He has worked therapeutically with approximately 2,000 children and youth, largely ones in therapeutic foster care placements, special needs adoption, and community and school mental health programs. Mr. Appenzeller worked with SC state government for 22 years. He first worked in the state alcohol and drug abuse agency as the Director of Intervention Programs, the Assistant to the Agency Director and the Director of Quality Assurance and Research. He then became the Director of Quality Assurance, Research and Evaluation for federally funded child welfare and health services at the SC Department of Health and Human Services. He subsequently was the director of the Social Work Clinic of the University Specialty Clinics at the University of South Carolina.


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